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A-1 Budget Is Its Own Endorsement

By Claudia Bloom 6/18/2010

School Teacher and Expert in Evaluation of Businesses

"I have a 1997 Subaru Outback Legacy that I originally took to the dealer for maintenance and then as the years went by took it to a little Mom & Pop place near where I lived until the big question came up as to whether I would put it to pasture or replace the engine. Let me tell you I thought about this long and hard. I loved this car more than any other I had owned and was not ready to give it up. Plus, I could not afford to buy the same car new.

I called at least six different repair shops out of the yellow pages and took notes on what each owner told me. When I talked to Mark, the owner of A-1, I was so impressed with his interest, professionalism, and knowledge, that I decided to take it to A-1 to be checked out.

The facility is state-of-the-art, and I mean State-Of-The-Art! Now, I am a woman who knows nothing about repair garages. They all look dirty and grimy to me, which I understand as part of auto mechanics. A-1 is like nothing I have ever seen before! Customers are welcome, even encouraged to go into the garage and watch! Unheard of!

I decided to have A-1 replace my engine and am so glad I did. I am driving my favorite car with a new inner body that runs as smooth as it did when I first bought it. Here's what I like. Two mechanics sign off on the work done. I am always treated like royalty when I go in. The main mechanic who worked on my engine took me back and showed me under the hood everything he did in terms I could understand. Mark and Matt are always available to assist me when I call with questions or come in. The efficiency of the business is unequaled by any I have seen.

I know that Tom Martino endorses this place. He doesn't need to. A-1 Budget is its own endorsement."

Customer For Life

By meagan612

Denver , CO 80206

"I had my car at the dealership and was told that I needed a new transmission because of the way it was shifting. I took my car to Budget A1 Nationwide after finding them on this site. I was very impressed with how I was treated and the time they took to check my car out and explain to me what was wrong with it. Turns out it was just a bad speed sensor that was causing the problem with the transmission. They saved my several thousand dollars, and have earned me as a customer for life. Also being a woman I have had my fair share of dealing with repair shops and not feeling comfortable with the way things were explained to me or what I have been told is wrong with my car. I had absolutely none of that feeling with Mark and the others at Budget. They were so helpful and will be working on my car in the future I'm sure."

Great Mechanics!

By jimmallor - Jan 21, 2010

"The guys at Budget are great mechanics. I have been taking my truck here for many years. I had my transmission rebuilt 5 years ago and it still works as good as the day I picked it up. I have also had all sorts of other repairs done, fuel pump, tune-up, they are the only ones who touch my truck, even for oil changes. I would strongly suggest them to anyone looking for a good mechanic."

I have been with Budget A-1 for years‎

By gene_rol - Dec 8, 2009

"I have been dealing with Mark for many years, and have never had any negative experiences at all. The shop is the cleanest shop I have ever been in, that's right these guys let you walk right into the shop, something I have never experienced anywhere else. The technicians that work on my car, in my opinion, are the most honest mechanics I have ever dealt with. They are always willing to talk with me about my car and answer any questions I've had. Mark has also gone above and beyond with me on several occasions, whether it was working with me on price, or time restrictions. The guys at Budget have always completed the repairs I needed quickly and thoroughly, and at a fair price. My whole family takes their cars to Mark and his crew, and there is no one else that I trust with my vehicles.‎"


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